Saturday, September 11, 2010

Colin's neck strength

Colin practicing holding his head up!

Sorry that is sideways. Video taken on my phone and I don't know how to rotate the video. I'm also still learning how to take video on the phone. :-)

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Hockefest 2010

family day at hockeyfest! kicking off the la kings season with a bang. only took one hour to drive to la :) must me because it was 8 on a saturday morning. go kings!
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Monday, September 6, 2010

August flew by

I can't believe it is already September! We'll be leaving for our first trip to Idaho this year in 10 days. :-) So excited to be going in the Fall and visiting an orchard. Colin will also be baptized at St. Joseph's while we are there. It's going to be very busy!

We left off shopping for Cameron's birthday- we had a lot of fun celebrating! Two days later we used one of Cameron's gifts- Angel tickets. The game was fun and it was Friday night fireworks! Cameron got a lot of great stuff. ;-) A few days later it was time to visit Grandma and Grandpa at their beach house. We spent our days there and escaped the heat!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Very Long Day!

Whenever we go out the day seems so long even if we're just running some quick errands. Today had a lot packed in it so it was extra long.

A very eventful day with Nordstrom Rack @ South Coast, secret locations all over the OC birthday shopping for Cameron, Babies R Us, and the grocery store. 

I will say this I love my sleepy wrap, I had Colin in the stroller for the first part of the day and then started to use the wrap he loves it and I do to! It is so comfortable and I am able to shop and move freely. It also allows me to carry groceries and him to my condo from my garage which are about a 100 feet apart. 

The rack- almost a horrible experience but it was redeemed. Usually I go to the one in Laguna Hills, but they did not have my size on some really cute shoes at a really great price. South Coast rack has one shoe on the floor and you have to go to the counter to get the other one, well I looked everywhere for the shoe without luck. Finally I went to the counter and brought the shoe in a different size and was told they couldn't help if I couldn't find it. I explained that I was just at the rack in LH and they said that this store had it. About ten minutes later after more looking I asked if they could just look in the back to see if they have it before I continue looking for a shoe that might not be there. Well, I was told that yes they did have it now I have to go find the match. Geesh! Finally the one very nice lady offered to help explaining that the shoe really could be anywhere and not necessarily where it belongs. She offered to take my number and call when they see the match in the morning before store hours. 


Colin remained sleeping this entire time and very patient. :-) The shoe was found and it was a happy ending and I love that sales lady! She had customer service unlike the other person working. 

Off to random specialty stores throughout OC to complete Cameron's birthday shopping. In case he does read this blog I cannot reveal the stores. ;-) But Colin and I had a lot of fun shopping for our favorite person! 

The later part of the day was grocery shopping where I only grab enough to fit in my reusable bag so carrying groceries is easy! I feel like I live in the city and walk to fresh markets grabbing enough for that night's dinner. ;-) Love it!

We had a great Monday! Check in for more adventures later!


25th Cameron's Birthday :-)

28th Visiting Grandma Debby and Grandpa Joe on Beach Road


15th Trip to Sandpoint to visit Nana and Pappy and of course Colin's vandal aunties (including future vandals) ;-) you know you are!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Mall weekend

On Saturday we went to the shops at Mission Viejo as a family just to walk around and browse. We checked out Pottery Barn for Kids, I love their stuff! Then Williams Sonoma to look at potential gifts for Cameron's Birthday- coming up very soon!!

After church on Sunday Colin and I went to the Laguna Hills Mall followed by the Irvine Spectrum- a very busy day birthday shopping for Cameron. :-) We're excited! All and all we had a great day seeing people and spending time with friends.  Another weekend come and gone. 

In other news, Colin is 6 weeks today. :-) Can't believe it has already been 6 weeks. 

Friday, August 13, 2010


:-) so peaceful
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working out

Colin smiling in the mirror.
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A Day at the Park

Today was a great day! The week totally got away from me though. It's been awhile since I blogged. I can't even remember what we did at the beginning of the week. Tuesday we went to Grandma Jan's for Taco Night. :-) yum. I started a twitter account, you can follow me at shellsea84. Colin has been busy with a daily workout that includes 10 minutes of laying on his tummy in front of the mirror to practice lifting his neck up. We also look at some objects and patterns.
Back to today..
We hung out with Colin's buddy Brayden and mommy, Heather at the park. The boys had a lot of fun while the mom's relaxed. Colin pretty much slept. ;-) Afterwards I could not find my keys! We live pretty close to the park, but I took my car because we packed a few things, so we decided to just walk home and get the spare. I found the keys as soon as we walked home of course! They were in the front part of the stroller. ::sigh::
Later in the day Casey came over to visit and we had fun hanging out. Took the opportunity to go back to the park for the car and get an afternoon walk in. :-) We went to the jewelers and I finally had my picture charm put on my charm bracelet that is all about Colin. I love it! By then Cameron was home from work and we relaxed as a family. Yeah for the weekend!!

Friday, August 6, 2010


Colin grasped for the first time today!! He was laying on his play gym and he grasped.  (accidentally got stuck in his fingers- but those are details!) He grasped his pacifier that was laying next to him and then he tried to put it in his mouth, but it was backwards. After that I laid him on his tummy so he could work on his neck muscles. :-)

No pictures for this one, they were all on my phone. I did however pick up the video camera, but the battery was dead! I'm going to constantly keep it charged and check it so I never miss a moment again. 

I can't believe how big Colin is getting! He turned one month on August 4th. Crazy to think he will be crawling all to soon. He already tries and sometimes succeeds at rolling over! 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

August 3rd

Hi All! 

Over the weekend Colin and I went to his first yard sale at Auntie Nikki's where he got to hang with cousins Jack and Andie. We missed Jared! Afterwards, we went to lunch at Tutto Fresca and then I picked up a patriotic charm to add to my Colin charm bracelet that Grandma Debby gave me. 

On Sunday, Colin went to mass for the first time and was blessed. :-) Sunday afternoon was a Sigma Kappa Alumnae picnic in the park at Huntington Beach! It was a lot of fun watching and listening to the HB concert band and Colin got to hang out with his best buds Theo and Brayden. 

Friday, July 30, 2010

Colin is 26 days old!

Welcome to the Hunnel blog. Here you can find out all about the daily ramblings of myself and Colin. I can't believe he is almost a month old. Stay tuned as the next few weeks are going to be very busy!

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