Monday, August 16, 2010

Very Long Day!

Whenever we go out the day seems so long even if we're just running some quick errands. Today had a lot packed in it so it was extra long.

A very eventful day with Nordstrom Rack @ South Coast, secret locations all over the OC birthday shopping for Cameron, Babies R Us, and the grocery store. 

I will say this I love my sleepy wrap, I had Colin in the stroller for the first part of the day and then started to use the wrap he loves it and I do to! It is so comfortable and I am able to shop and move freely. It also allows me to carry groceries and him to my condo from my garage which are about a 100 feet apart. 

The rack- almost a horrible experience but it was redeemed. Usually I go to the one in Laguna Hills, but they did not have my size on some really cute shoes at a really great price. South Coast rack has one shoe on the floor and you have to go to the counter to get the other one, well I looked everywhere for the shoe without luck. Finally I went to the counter and brought the shoe in a different size and was told they couldn't help if I couldn't find it. I explained that I was just at the rack in LH and they said that this store had it. About ten minutes later after more looking I asked if they could just look in the back to see if they have it before I continue looking for a shoe that might not be there. Well, I was told that yes they did have it now I have to go find the match. Geesh! Finally the one very nice lady offered to help explaining that the shoe really could be anywhere and not necessarily where it belongs. She offered to take my number and call when they see the match in the morning before store hours. 


Colin remained sleeping this entire time and very patient. :-) The shoe was found and it was a happy ending and I love that sales lady! She had customer service unlike the other person working. 

Off to random specialty stores throughout OC to complete Cameron's birthday shopping. In case he does read this blog I cannot reveal the stores. ;-) But Colin and I had a lot of fun shopping for our favorite person! 

The later part of the day was grocery shopping where I only grab enough to fit in my reusable bag so carrying groceries is easy! I feel like I live in the city and walk to fresh markets grabbing enough for that night's dinner. ;-) Love it!

We had a great Monday! Check in for more adventures later!


25th Cameron's Birthday :-)

28th Visiting Grandma Debby and Grandpa Joe on Beach Road


15th Trip to Sandpoint to visit Nana and Pappy and of course Colin's vandal aunties (including future vandals) ;-) you know you are!

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