Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

We bought our first home! It would be awhile before we moved in, but we were officially on the road to home ownership.  Little C started on solids and turned 6 months. His first food was mashed sweet potatoes mama made for him.

We watched these two special people tie the knot!
Nurse SC & Cousin Soccer

Hockey Husband and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary at Disneyland!  Sister Glamorous visited, we held our house warming party.  Then my parents came for a visit too. March was busy and the best! We also celebrated a train of birthdays this month.

Little C’s first Easter! Grandma Owl hosted a full day of Easter fun and Little C gave egg hunting a chance.  I gave blogging another try this month also. I guess it’s going well?!

I celebrated my first Mother’s Day. We went on our first family camping trip and thanks to my Mother’s Day gift- Kelty Child Carrier it was also our first of many hiking trips.

Sister Outdoors came for a visit and she, Nurse SC , and I ran a Memorial Day 5K. It was a first for Nurse SC and me! Outdoorsy Sister was already accustomed to the racing circuit, running her first two weeks prior. And,  I spent a weekend in Palm Springs for Teacher Kindness’s Bachelorette Weekend!

I had the honor of watching Teacher Kindness marry her Prince Charming while standing by her side. I had tears, maybe.  Our first family trip to Disneyland {Little C and I had gone tons so far without Daddy} with our awesome annual passes courtesy of Grandma Loves-to-Cook&Grandpa Baseball for Christmas 2010.
Little C celebrated his first birthday! It was our first trip of the year to visit my family after most of them had come to see us.  Then, Sister Bookworm decided to come back with us to hang out and see the new house!

I took a huge break from blogging while I enjoyed every drop of summer.  A day at the races with Nurse SC, Nicknames, & Loves-to-Cook.  A trip to the circus with Little C, J, Dirtbikes, Lulu, and Sister Nicknames courtesy of Grandpa Racecars and Grandma Leanne.  Fun times at Grandma Loves-to-Cook and Grandpa Baseball’s beach house! Lunch with Teacher Kindness and Miss Med Student since Med Student was taking a break from Med School and visiting the west coast!
Lots of Camping and Hiking Trips, hours spent down at the beach and at Disneyland as a family! It was a summer of memories.

We officially said good bye to summer with one last week at Grandma Loves-to-Cook and Grandpa Baseball’s beach house.  I said goodbye to Miss Cool & Collected as she was beginning to embark on a new chapter of her life with marriage and a new town.  I spent four solid days loving Sorority Recruitment where I said goodbye to being the Recruitment Advisor.
{in my head, officially the title was given up in April}
Looking back…September was all about the Goodbye.

The month started as Mrs. Organized and I journeyed to Las Vegas with our husbands to watch our friend, Miss Cool & Collected become Mrs. Cool & Collected. She married her Mr. Revell and moved far away from us. Not cool! It’s okay, I’m planning a visit. {just haven't told her yet! Reading the blog Mrs. C&C? I want to visit, k?} The rest of the month was filled with costumes and pumpkins. Lots of pumpkins so much that Little C even dressed as one and Hockey Husband and I decided to be Pumpkin Farmers.

I celebrated my birthday! Visited family up north. Celebrated Thanksgiving.
Didn't take a lot of pictures.

Ladies Tea
Blogged a lot
Visited SLO for Sister Foodie's Graduation

Experienced 75* weather for the whole month
Horse Races

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to family, friends, and fellow bloggers! 
May your dreams come true, resolutions stay solid, and life be blessed. 
A new year is like the ultimate fresh start. The Monday of all Mondays, if you will. 
Best of luck to all in your journey to happier and healthier you!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Part III Chritsmas Weekend

Our Christmas Weekend kicked off Friday on Christmas Eve eve
It was the first of five celebrations! 

Feliz Navidad, a Mexican buffet hosted by Uncle Mountain Biker and Aunt RockClimber
Where I got to visit with these cousins:
{The older three of the bunch}
Me, Cousin Charming, Cousin Green Thumb
Cousin Future Firefighter, Cousin Baseball Star, Cousin Fashion, and Cousin Interior Decorator not pictured. And all the parents and more friends!

It was great to catch up since we don't see each other all that often. 
And our boys got to catch up too:
Little C, Cousin Iron Man, and Cousin Skater
Christmas Eve came
and we were off to Grandpa Racecar and Grandma Crafty's house

Great Grandpa Twitcher, Great Grandma Magic, and Uncle Fisherman 
made gingerbread men with Little C, Cousin Dirtbikes, and Cousin Lulu
{typical only the girls look at the camera!}
Little C rocked his "Little Mr" shirt from Fairly Fabulous two days in a row!

Our family picture in front of the tree
On to Christmas Morning
{still with me?}

The fun began early in the morning when we broke out the video camera to capture Little C's first Christmas in our new home!!
[breakfast while we unwrapped]
Next up was Christmas brunch at
Grandma Loves-to-Cook & Grandpa Baseball's house
Lots of presents and a big brunch with Grandpa Baseball's famous biscuits and gravy. 

Straight away to Grandma Owl and Grandpa Golf's Ch√Ęteau for Christmas dinner

Little C and Cousin Lulu

Our family <3

The entire weekend was jam packed with family, fun, and food. 
It was also just a tad stressful...

That's right, I said it. And you know it's okay to admit.
This was our first year of having to drive to multiple Christmases with child in tow.
Definitely a blessing for sure, there is no denying that. We are fortunate to have lots of people to celebrate the season with. Last year, we did Christmas with my parents and sisters for Little C's first Christmas.
We woke up in their house and stayed there all day.
No traveling and Little C wasn't on solids yet- so the day was pretty easy. 

This year we had a very active and mobile toddler on our hands who needs food not just milk.
{What kids grow up and want food- how dare they? Right?}
If you followed all that above we're talking two late nights of missed bedtimes.
Roll into Christmas and the day started early and was jam packed leaving no time for a nap!
[we tried Little C wasn't having it]
So the day wasn't all easy- everybody was a little tired and a little hungry. 
There were tears and they weren't all the toddlers.
It's okay to take a deep breath and realize that it was a long weekend and they don't call the holidays stressful for nothing. 

Have you heard?

I wasn't sure if you all knew or anything but there are only a few days left to enter a giveaway that Nurse SC is hosting!
So if you want Sephora, Elf, MAC, Stila, and softlips beauty products. 

{really, what are you waiting for?}

Thursday, December 29, 2011

P is for Presents...Part Deux of Christmas 2011

Earlier this week I shared how giving is better than receiving...
but I promised I would also share some of the majorly {pronounced may-jore-lee} superb gifts I received!
Well, my fantastic hockey husband who always spoils me surprised me with:

That's right! I am the proud new owner of a DSLR. And it came it with all the accessories like a case, tripod, an "how to" book, and oh so much more! The best part, I opened it and said "this is exactly the one I wanted!" Hockey Husband was confused...I said "duh, on my blog". To which he admitted he didn't read and hasn't in some time.
{Kind of makes it that much more awesome since I never told him I wanted one}
[but, um why Hockey Husband aren't you reading]

Hockey Husband also gave me a new pair of Nike's-yeah!
This Christmas I received two out five on my wish list! Not bad considering it was a total wish list.

Lots of other special and fantastic gifts from
my mama and daddy 
Sister Outdoors
Sister Glamorous
Sister Bookworm
Nurse SC and Cousin Soccer- can't beat free babysitting certificates!
and magazine subscriptions on hiking, comfy Victoria Secret PJs, tickets to the zoo, and so much more! 

One really thoughtful gift though.
One that I opened and felt so thought of was an ornament.
Not just any ornament. 
We bought our first home this year and I kept meaning to purchase an ornament to represent that, but in the end just forgot.

So imagine my elation when Christmas morning rolled around and I opened a Lenox bless your first home 2011 ornament. A very special and thoughtful gift from Aunt Theater and Uncle Vintner. 

If you really like wine...You can read all about their adventures in making their own award-winning wine here

I didn't forget Hockey Husband he was spoiled with that awesome ipad2 he wanted and I mentioned in the wish list entry! The one with all the bells and whistles, lots of memory, app store gift cards and accessories too!
Yee, so happy for him!! He was pretty stoked when he opened it up at Christmas Brunch with his parents.

Thank you everyone for a truly magical Christmas!
I'm still wrapping up my holiday ABC series and come back for part III of Christmas- why holidays are thought of as stressful. A look into our five Christmases weekend long celebration. 

.:ABC Holidays:. M, N, O

M is for Mistletoe
the history of mistletoe and a pinteresting outlook on Christmas

This house did not hang mistletoe, maybe one year.
N is for Noble Fir

The only kind of Christmas tree I'll have. And, oh it has to be real. I love the way the tree smells and the noble fir branches are perfect for hanging all those special and/or decorative ornaments.
O is for Ornaments

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

pleated poppy
Last week I shared my polyvore wish outfit for Christmas with all of you. I promised an update of what I wore for the holidays...
but I ended up being pretty casual for Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas Brunch, and Christmas Dinner...
so instead friends I share with you my outfit for Christmas cards. 
In my defense, this is what I wanted to wear on Christmas, but didn't because everyone saw the outfit on the cards. Not sure, if I thought I was a celebrity and couldn't wear something twice for a moment there.
Coat: Old Navy
Scarf: hand-knitted by family friend *borrowed from Scrabble Mama*
Dress: Nordstrom Rack
Leggings: Old Navy
Boots: Big 5

In other news, I'm kind of like totally excited for the awesome giveaway I'm doing with Stress Case. Who by the way looked gorgeous on Christmas with her Handsome Husband. They matched!

Are your occasions casual or do you dress up? 
Have you linked up with Erin from Captivated by Grace? You can find me there too!
*Oh, and I wasn't on the card by myself. The hubs and toddler made an appearance in a few photos too! 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Christmas Spirit, Part I

Christmas Weekend was a total whirlwind and so amazing.  Instead of telling you everything I received this holiday season, I wanted to share my favorite gifts I gave. 

This season really is about giving and it's true what they say giving is better than receiving. As I've said a few times before I loved experiencing Little C's first Christmas as a toddler who got excited about gifts. And I loved watching people open the gifts we chose for them. Of course, I loved everything I gave Hockey Husband so I want to share three other gifts and recipients that were really special. 

Remember when I mentioned I had to have a few magical pieces from this shop?
I absolutely loved picking out one of her beautiful sterling silver custom stamped necklaces for Sister Nicknames. The necklace was stamped with the names of my two favorite nephews and my favorite, adorable niece {SN's beautiful children}. As one of my favorite people her gift was a really important one. 
This is a picture of the canvas print we chose for my parents. I loved that they put it on their wall right away and loved it. I was so happy that they really liked it. It's a canvas print of the whole family from our July 2011 photo shoot. 

Another favorite gift to give, you know the one where you just love watching the person open hoping they like it as much as you hope they will, was cooking classes for Mama Loves-to-Cook {hockey husband's mom.} Obviously she loves to cook! I've known about a quaint, local cooking school for awhile now just wanting and waiting to give this gift! One of my very first memories from when I began dating Hockey Husband was when his mom took us to a breakfast cooking class and we made eggs benedict from scratch. It was lots of fun and really difficult to make! Lots of laughs were had and memories made. 

But, don't worry I do plan on sharing some of my favorite presents so come back later this week! Also, look for a quick wrap-up of my Holiday ABC Series

Sunday, December 25, 2011

K is for Kibbeh

Merry Christmas everyone! 

Today I'll will be sitting down to a traditional Lebanese fare including the main dish Kibbeh (kibbe). 

What is Kibbe you ask?
It is the customary Christmas dish of my husband's family made with ground lamb. 

not bad actually.
and if you ask anyone in my husband's family they will tell you it is the best dish ever

Oh, and you better believe I will be having some of these

Yeah, enjoy your day!

Friday, December 23, 2011

L is for Lights

 Welcome to the latest in my Holiday ABC series
Only two days until Christmas! 

If your house is being lit up by the warm glow of magic in little bulbs it's a whimsical place to be right now.  I love the way lights glow on the streets during the rain or bounce off the white snow. 

Have a Merry Christmas weekend!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's Okay Thursday!

Linking up today with Neely and Amber for It's Okay Thursday...
Its Ok Thursdays

It's okay that..

..sometimes I forget how old I am when people ask. I'm twenty-seven.
..I'm starting to look forward to December 26th just a little. I have a crazybusyfun weekend planned and I didn't see break nap scheduled anywhere. 
..I still have one more present I want to purchase
..tomorrow is cookie baking day and I will probably consume 3000 calories before dinner. But, really it's okay because I have a running date with Nurse SC in the morning!
...that I am changing the name of my blog in the new year :-)

J is for Jubilation

ju·bi·la·tion, noun: a feeling of great happiness and triumph
 exultation - rejoicing - joy

This entire season is an experience.
An experience enveloped in jubilation
Personally, I can't help but to smile in anticipation
I love watching loved ones open those special gifts
I love wrapping gifts in pretty paper
I love experiencing the magic of Christmas all over through the eyes of Little C 

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


This Wednesday I bring you an outfit I wore out for drinks with friends...
Do you like my totally awkward leaning tower pose?
Blouse: Loft
Jeans: Loft
Belt: Forever 21
After going through a few photos I noticed this pose was in every picture.
I really need to change it up a bit! How do you take pictures by yourself? Any ideas you can share?

This outfit felt really good on, but afterwards I wasn't loving it so much. It's one of those combinations that just makes you look about five months pregnant and who wants that? And, no I'm not pregnant!
{nice try, mom}

I did have some fun in polyvore dreaming about my Christmas dinner outfit:


I don't plan on buying anything new, so I won't be wearing any of that.
But check back next Wednesday when I reveal what I actually did wear!
Also next week, the giveway I am co-sponsoring with Nurse SC will begin
big things happening here at Hunnel Happenings
new blog design {stay tuned}
a new blog name {check the sidebar for a sneakpeak}
Thanks for reading! Come learn more about me here.
I linked up at the Pleated Poppy- it's fun, come join the party.
pleated poppy         

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