Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dedication to my Dad

Two weeks ago, I posted about my Sunday morning. What I didn’t say then was it was my dad’s birthday! I was up very early to call my dad to wish him a happy birthday. You see, if I get up at 7 to call my dad he has surely been up for hours already. I had to wake up extra early to call him. As long as I’ve been around my dad as risen with the sun or well before.

I wish I could have been there with my family for my dad’s birthday celebration, but my parents live 1,393 miles away. Yes, I counted them. It’s a days drive and a four hour plane trip. Not too bad and we go as often as we can.

Despite not being there I called my dad early in the morning and several more times over the course of the day to catch up and see what was happening. I can be annoying like that.

I am truly grateful for everything my dad did and continues to do for our family; working long hard hours so my mom could be a stay at home mom to myself and three sisters. Even though my dad worked hard I never realized it because he always put us first. He was at sporting events, dance recitals (only one year of dance for me!), and school awards ceremonies.

Here’s to my rancher dad! Thanks dad, I love you!

Grandpa Horses and Superman

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Kathe said...

Dad loves you also...

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