Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Recap

 Time for some Easter fun and style the Hunnel way. Little C rocked another sweater vest, check out Stress Case for more sweater vest action! 

He also had a fun egg hunt and loved chasing eggs just as they slipped out of his grasp. The rain paused the egg hunt for almost everyone. Cousin Soccer would not be deterred.  

Colin followed eggs under the table 

The boys show off their style 

The Hunnel family gathers for a photo 

We discovered Little C's love for watermelon and that his new little teeth do a pretty good job at helping the watermelon disintegrate.  Gramma Owl prepared a feast of honey-baked ham, roast beef, and turkey! Colin had his share of ham and broccoli, with some watermelon to top it off.

 two sippy cups on stand by ;-) 

Check in Wednesday to see this mama and Colin show our stlye! Today we're linking up with Momma Go Round. 

Momma Go Round 

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