Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Reads

I'm starting a new blogging challenge for myself.

 It's the book-a-month challenge. This will help me with my 101 in 1001 list and get me reading again. Where did I come up with this idea? I first heard about it at  Nina Badzin's blog from Theta Moms. She is a writer and lover a books, through her blog I found the Friday Reads blog.

This is what I LOVE about blogs- there are so many out there! The entire blogosphere is connected and there are so many great people to meet.

Before Little C, I read numerous books and loved being immersed in new stories. For Christmas, MIL Beach (pretty much her favorite place *I could have also called her MIL style* bought me a Kindle
along with Sister Nicknames.
Since getting my kindle for Christmas, I have played numerous “every word” games and read zero books. Yes, zero. I know it’s sad. Hence, the book-a-month challenge.

This is officially my first Friday Reads. My books will be e-editions to encourage me to read on my kindle. This week I’m starting with a fun short novel I read awhile back. I’m re-reading Something Borrowed because the movie is coming out and I love The Office and Ginnifer Goodwin.

P.S. don’t expect book reviews- I’m no expert!


Casey said...

LOVE Something Borrowed, and the entire series actually!

marymichaels said...

I've read the series & love it. I look at the author's website to see when she has a new book coming out. One of the books I did as an audio book, but listening to it was not at all as much fun as reading. Have a great read!

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