Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Mornings

I love a good Sunday Morning where I have the opportunity to watch the sunrise. It's a plus when I can make it to the gym and church before noon. Today I accomplished one out of three. I'm writing this down today for two reasons. One, I am starting to blog again because I'm inspired by someone I know personally who is blogging very well (meaning one post per day). Two, I really want to go for three/three next week and with someone reading about it I know I will.

As you can see I started last August when Colin was one month old. Tomorrow, he'll be nine months old. I am determined to give blogging another try and in the process keep everyone entertained with hilarious Colin events, doctor updates, and a count down to his first birthday.

Next Sunday, I want to accomplish all three of my favorite Sunday Morning things. I also want to take Colin to see the Easter Bunny. So, pictures to come next Sunday and for this week pictures to come from the past 6 months I've been away.


Casey said...

Rooting for you to go 3/3 next week! I know you can do it!

Kathe said...

Keep writing Shellsea, we are reading...

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