Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Superman goes to the Doctor

(our little superman)

Little C, also known as Colinator and Superman had his 9 month check up Wednesday!

(his shots from his 2 month check up)
Just look at those chunker legs! I love them!! 7 months ago the nurses told me to make sure and take those band-aids off right away because they are a choking hazard. I thought, of course I will, but my little guy can't exactly peel stuff off and doesn't put things in his mouth.

Well fast forward to Wednesday- no warning this time. I suppose they figure you should have it all wired. I remembered my warning from 7 months ago- so this time Little C got one shot in his thigh and another in the foot for a hemoglobin level check.
Why the choking hazard flashback?- you guessed it! I threw away the band-aid off his thigh, but didn't see the one on his foot anymore. Well, no big! Probably fell off somewhere in the journey back home. Moments later I'm playing with my superman making him fly (common game for us!) and just then I notice something in his mouth!!!
It's a band-aid!!!
Immediately I hook my finger and grab it out, then freak out and feel thankful I saw it before he choked. Deep sigh here.
Now for some pics from the 9 month photo shoot!

Colin Stats:
weight- 24 lbs, 4 oz (85%)
height- 29 inches (75%)
head circumference- 19 inches (96%)


Casey said...

Glad you caught him so fast!!

But what shots is he getting at 9 months?

Shellsea said...

He had the third shot of his Hep B series and the hemoglobin level check- which was maybe more just a blood sample?

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