Monday, April 18, 2011

That's so BEAST!

Confused? So was I. 

If you don't have a twelve-year-old or converse regularly with twelve-year-olds you are probably thoroughly confused. "Beast" is the new "cool". I sadly realized I was not in touch with the youth of today while learning this little fact. My twelve-year-old nephew who is "super cool" clued me in. Sister Nicknames is an awesome mama to three kiddos along with being an avid reader and also "super cool". Let me fill you in on how the conversation went:

Me: We're going to dinner tonight to celebrate Grandpa baseball and Grandpa Golf's birthdays.
J: beast.
Me: Huh?
J: beast.
Me: What are you saying?
J: beast.
Me: Is that the new "cool"?
J: duh. (insert eye roll here. I didn't see one of course, but he would be totally valid in giving his uncool aunt one)

Below is a picture of Cousin J, Cousin dirtbike, and Cousin lulu with Colinator. 

After J's baseball win! Go Rangers! 

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