Tuesday, April 26, 2011

You're Invited: Summer BBQ

A few months ago we made the move from the world of condos to a home with a backyard. {Another post on the woes of moving and buying short sales to come!}

This was a very exciting time for us!! At the same time, we realized we didn't own any patio furniture. 3 months after we closed, we're still furniture less outside. With summer approaching we want to fill that space and prepare for a summer of bbqs with all our friends! 

We have the first part down: A GRILL- pretty much an absolute must in the *Hunnel Household*. 

Today being Tuesday, I thought I would link up with Tara from fabulous but evil. Since, I'm always window shopping so to speak at Target or browsing online I thought I would share my latest wish list with all of you. Seriously though, I could get lost in Target for hours- it's dangerous!
Patio Set I'm *loving* right now. I'm liking the way the apple green pops and of course the durability of wicker
While I'm dreaming- how about a back yard movie package! Complete with projector and inflatable screen. L.O.V.E.

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tara said...

That projector is awesome!! Glad you linked up! :)

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