Tuesday, May 10, 2011

6 Lessons for camping with a Baby

This past weekend we went camping- our very first family camping trip. 
This means my first camping experience with a baby- not any baby, but a 24 pound mobile 10 month old.

It wasn't all smiles and giggles the whole time, of course not who would I be kidding. Little C had to be corralled most of the time and for a baby who has just learned to get around and is in a whole new place this can be torture and he let us know it!

Lesson #1 Corralling was a must sometimes and this was so helpful!

Hook on Chair

That was the very first thing we set and with that ready to go (quick and easy by the way). We were able to set up our tent and the rest of camp!

Lesson #2 Cheerios were my best friend! Plus we were camping so everyone deserves special treats.

Lesson #3  Not all things work for every baby. I thought a pack and play would be brilliant, but Little C did not like being stuck in there. Haven't decided if it will make the next trip or not.

Lesson #4 Kids of all ages love getting out to enjoy nature. The hike we did was by far Little C's absolute favorite part. (He's not old enough to partake in scrumptious camp food and s'mores yet!)

Lesson #5 As long as Little C could roam with mama and daddy near he was a happy camper. While we hung out in the tent reading Little C crawled all over that tent and us!

   Lesson #6 Sometimes for this mama I just had to stop corralling him and let him play and remember that anything is a toy for a baby. 


Ruby Girl said...

great photos! i grew up camping with the fam, in a glorified way, with nearby toilets & showers. hubby and i will hopefully do the same when we have kiddos of our own! <3 EverRubyGirl.blogspot.com

Cam said...

Great post, I'll read it again to remind myself before our next trip!

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