Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Camping Wishlist

The Hunnels are gearing up for a Mother's Day camping trip! I'm linking up with Sarah B. from Yes, Teacher! for the first time. I'm starting this week with some cool target camping finds that also fit into my tickle my Tuesday. Last week, I invite you all over for a summer bbq when I get that new patio furniture. Tara from fabulous but evil is super fantastic and I instantly became addicted to her blog and her love for Target! You should check out both blogs to see what everyone is raving about this Tuesday.  

First, I am so wanting that Kelty Kids backpack to start taking Little C on hikes!

While I'm at Target I'm going to stop over to the grocery side of things and pick up s'mores necessities.

As Tara would say this s'more is not the way to the skinnies.  
oh well, gotta love camping!


Sarah B. said...

Great finds! We were going to go camping last weekend but the weather was bad where we were and there was a burn ban in most places (and what's the point of camping without s'mores?!) Enjoy your trip :)

tara said...

Now you've got me craving smores!! :(

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