Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Dedication to my Mom

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! 
And, most of all Happy Mother's to my Scrabble mama and now Nana for Little C! I learned how to be an amazing mama because I have her as an example. 

*my mama and me* 
( I know some of you thought that was Little C!) 

My mom is the mom who stayed home to raise four beautiful girls, who helped out in the classroom, sewed my Halloween costumes (yes, I remember!), above all else she loves us unconditionally. I never really understood how much my mom loved me and my sisters or why! haha.
You could just tell she loved us and would worry about us and I never understood until Little C was born. My mom stayed (she lives 1,393 miles away) for three weeks after Little C was born. It was amazing to have her there for help, support, and above all with me in this new chapter of life. 

 My mom instilled values in me that are ever present. She taught me to be patient, calm, and to love. My mom is the mom who paints your room in rainbows or pastel plaid with butterflies because you're totally into that right now. The mom who read all of the Disney stories every night and later bought me all of the Great Illustrated Classics. Thanks mom! You're the reason for honors and AP English!

She is the person who taught the difference between right and wrong. She never really told me what to do, but empowered me to make the right decisions with all the knowledge I needed. After I became a mom my love and admiration for you has gone up exponentially- I can never say thank you enough. 

Happy Mother's Day! 
I love you now and always. 


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Kathe said...

WOW! Thank you Shellsea, I don't know what to say except thank you. I love every part of being your mother and still do. Watching you with Superman, being very patient and loving without missing a step brings me happiness.
I love you ~ Mom

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