Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Reads

An update on my Friday Reads a new book on my kindle every month. 

Last week, I updated that I finished my first book. It was one I re-read and it went by fast and I enjoyed it! Right after I finished that book my kindle recommended a book for me- how cool is that!? 

So, I downloaded Water for Elephants and have not even started yet. :/ 
(I'm getting there!)

I'm still within my month time frame which I thought would work well for me. The Friday Reads blog check in is an awesome way to get people excited about reading! 

I would love to know what you're reading! Leave a comment and tell what your reading, a novel, magazine, whatever! Also, if you've read this month's book tell me what you think! 


Anonymous said...

I never really seem to have time to read a book during the school year, but I always squeeze People magazine & Entertainment Weekly in every week! :-)

Shellsea said...

@Kim thanks for commenting! I too have a hard time reading a book, but I miss it. I like catching up with People magazine too. :-)

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