Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Reads

This Friday I have been reading a lot of blogs. Seriously an addiction! Mr. Hunnel or techie husband and I have left the weekend plan free to accomplish home improvement projects and goals.

I have been stuck over at I heart Organizing, Jen is amazing and there are so many wonderful ideas. The inspiration is contagious and I am excited to organize my pantry this weekend now. Along with a dozen other things on the list. It's a pretty ambitious list for the weekend, but Jen's blog is encouraging me!
image source is from iheart organizing

I've also been reading Mr. and Mrs. Smith's blog, Lindsey is funny and dedicated. Her weekly jiggle challenge and personal running goals have been very encouraging for me to run my upcoming 5K

Weight Loss Challenge

About one month ago I started Friday Reads and my book-a-month challenge. I am currently on my third book and we are one month out. Right on track!  

Last week, I linked up with Megan and Heather for their Book Club Fridays. I'm moving a *little* slow in my current book, it's another re-read. This time I am reading Secret Garden which I haven't read since I was kid. Last Friday I was quickly looking for something to read for my weekend in Palm Springs and this was the first book I downloaded- not sure exactly what I was thinking. 
Should have it done soon and I'll be checking in with Friday Reads and Megan and Heather again next week! 


Sarah B. said...

I save most of my novel reading for summer vacation - it's hard for me to put a book down once I start it ;). And happy organizing!!

Jacqui' said...

Oh my gosh I love your blog. The banner is just the best. sooo adorable

Megan said...

I loved that book - and movie - when I was a kid!

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