Monday, May 16, 2011

Girls Weekend Recap

This past weekend I was lucky enough to hang out with girlfriends in honor of Teacher Kindness getting married in three weeks!! I could not be happier for her and feel so lucky to be a bridesmaid in her upcoming beautiful wedding. The weekend was crazy, relaxing, and above all meaningful. As much fun as the weekend was, it was my first away from Little C and that had it's own difficulties.
(Now that I've mentioned that so do you think I'm a selfish mom back to the weekend)

We headed towards Palm Springs in an SUV decked out with all the grand decorations of a bachelorette party. Teacher Kindness's maid of honor, Teacher Marathons, is a genius when it comes to party planning and every detail was thought of. Our bride to be, Teacher Kindness, looked beautiful in white and hot pink as she stormed Palm Springs. I was glad we missed the rain on the other side of the mountains and got to enjoy sunshine. 

One detail I'll share- we enjoyed some smoking martinis!

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