Sunday, May 29, 2011

Grateful Sunday: Sisters

I haven't been posting much this week. 
(Have you noticed?) 
Let me tell you why: One of my three sisters is visiting today from Idaho!!
Cannot even tell you how happy this makes me. She flew in on Monday and we have literally spent every minute together. 
 outdoorsy sister and me @ Mariner's game (2007)

This Sunday's post is extra special. I like participating in Link Parties to meet new bloggers. Two parties I often participate with are Tara's Target Tuesday and Lindsey's What I Wore Wednesday

Grateful Sundays
Today, I am participating in a *new* link party. One hosted my Nurse SC you'll find her over at her blog, Stress Case. This link party gives me a chance to reflect on something I am truly grateful for my sisters. 

If you're visiting from the link party. I hope you'll take a moment to comment and look around. Learn more about my family and our camping adventures, cooking, or my running pursuits and wwiw. If you like what you see- become a follower!  
bookworm sister, sister glamorous, outdoorsy sister, me
I have a three sisters. Outdoorsy Sister, Sister Glamorous, and Bookworm Sister. I have a little of all of them in me. I am the lucky oldest of us four girls. (Lucky rancher dad!)
me, bookworm sister, sister glamorous, outdoorsy sister 
 Sister Glamorous came down to visit during her Spring Break in March and Outdoorsy Sister is visiting now. Bookworm Sister is coming in July! I am very close to all of my sisters and consider myself incredibly lucky to be a role model to them.


Megan said...

Awwww, four sisters!! That is just adorable!! Y'all are all stunning, too! I'm glad that y'all are having a great visit!

Casey said...

Thank you so much for linking up, Shells! I'm not sure I'll open it up again for a while, since you were the only one! I really appreciate it, though!

I love how close your sisters and you are! When is Sister Bookworm coming?

Patience said...

Thanks, I love you too!

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