Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy 10 months Little C

10 months old!
 When and how did this happen?

Forget the 10 months part for one second in 2 months Little C will be turning 1! Oh my.
 (For those of you figuring out the dates- we have ourselves a 4th of July baby!)

I first started blogging to keep family and friends informed  of daily life with Colin (I thought those 26 days went by fast) and an outlet for myself as a new stay at home mom.
 I left my career in teaching temporarily to do something I've wanted to do forever- be a mom!

9 months ago I catalogued Little C going on 1 month.

In between, I sort of stopped blogging. The family I was writing for were not bloggers so with email and facebook the updates got out there. Then, Nurse SC started blogging and I started to really enjoy it again.

1 month ago Little C had his 9 month check up at the doctor.

Today, he is growing so fast and getting quicker at being mobile.

I'm enjoying every day and I'm slowly in the process of planning his first ever birthday party. I'm dragging my heels on that one. My little infant is gone and the stages of late infancy and the beginning of toddlerhood are here.
Little C's soft is long gone replaced by rough knees from crawling and legs and hands that also take a beating from pulling himself up on everything!

Pictures to come from the 10 month photo shoot!


Meredith said...

congrats on the milestone! doesn't it go so fast?? PS: your header is kinda the cutest thing ever. no joke. :)

Michael said...

love the blog love the Hunnels!


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