Monday, May 9, 2011

Mail Monday

This is my first edition of Mail Monday (I say that as if  I might continue this- my mail might not always be interesting).  After getting the mail today three pieces caught my eye for three different reasons. And I thought in my random crazy train of thought I'm totally writing a blog about this!

1. Pier One Imports Catalog
 2. Birthday Coupon from Toys R Us for Colin
3. Free sample of bodywash

ooh, more patio furniture to look at. yeah!
this confirmed it my boy will be one all too soon.

And, not that exciting but awhile back I texted for a free sample of bodywash and then proceeded to forget, but it came in the mail. I love free stuff. (I know I get excited about the little things) 

Anything interesting come in your mail? Or anything you're waiting for?

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