Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mischievous Little C

There is nothing Little C won't get in his hands into now. This recent discovery along with a new email in my inbox had me reeling. "What your toddler needs" read the subject line from one of those numerous baby websites I signed up for back when I was pregnant. 

Wait, what? 
Does that say toddler? 

Sure enough, it does. But, I have a baby. I can still hold him and cuddle him, but come to think of it that is happening less frequently. So, I googled "toddler". It's true. I have a toddler. 
When did this happen? 
Wikipedia or some other site I checked (there were like five, I was holding onto the baby notion). 

The toddler stage begins around 10 months, we're at 10.5 here. You know when the kid starts toddling. Little C has been mobile for awhile and getting more gusty every day when he cruises around the furniture. Going from the couch to the coffee table and back. 

His new favorite activity:
standing up at the entrainment center, opening the glass panels and pulling everything out. Sigh. The first time it was so cute and fun to watch! The 100th time a little cute but a lot less fun.  

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Alvira Blue-Roberts said...

New Follower and I have a 10 month old thats get into everything.

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