Monday, May 9, 2011

San Mateo Campground

This past Friday, the Hunnels packed up to head to the border of Orange and San Diego Counties. We were on a mission to camp and camp we did!

Friday night we landed in a new campground to us, San Mateo near San Onofre State Beach. I love this new and very close campground. I prefer my campgrounds to have dirt lots, a fire pit of some sorts, and shrubbery or greenery. A bathroom and shower are nice too and if I get real lucky there's a stream or creek for fishing. This campground has bathrooms and coin operated showers and you can hike to the creek that feeds into the ocean. You can also hike to the ocean.

The Campsite: 

The hike:

Colin is a happy camper and so are his mama and dad, but are you?

What do you say yea or nay to camping?

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