Monday, May 2, 2011


How Colin started being called Little C, Colinator, and Superman.
Now you'll know why he may called a few different names throughout the life of this blog. 

Well it all started when he was born. You would think that Little C is pretty explanatory in itself right? For the most part you would be completely right. It just came about, his dad or Mr. Hunnel, is Big C- although no one has ever called him that in his life. He really wasn't "Big C" until our son was born with a "C" name. Little C simple and cute. I love saying "little"- I really stress the accent on "tle"

Big C and Little C

Auntie Nicknames bestowed Little C with Colinator it's a little like Terminator but with a Colin spin. Well you see, Little C was ten pounds when he was born! Quite the big boy and not much "Little" about that. Thus Auntie Nicknames doing what she does best by giving nicknames came up with Colinator, sometimes shortened to Nator and now Nate. (Seriously, if you ever wanted a nickname and never had one I know the girl to give you one!)
Me, Auntie Nicknames, and Colinator

I mentioned the superman nickname here. Colin's Pappy and Nana started calling him Superman the day he was born because he had jet black hair and big blue eyes. (Neither of which stayed around) I guess when you first saw him he had a little Clark Kent/Superman thing going on. Considering Little C was born on the 4th of July this American Flag behind Superman works really well.

Do you have a nickcame? If so, do you remember how you got yours?

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