Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tanaka Farms: Strawberry Tours

Tanaka Farms in Irvine, CA is a great place to bring the kids for some farm fun
I decided to take Little C for some farm fun with my moms group. While it's a little pricy ($15 for adults) it is tons of fun and educational too! 
I've been to Tanaka Farms once before for their Pumpkin Patch in October.   

When I signed up to go I didn't really know what I was getting myself into. I will say that I was pleasantly pleased. 

We rode in an old fashioned wagon pulled by tractor all over the farm stopping at different crops to learn about the fruit and vegetables. The surprise: We got to eat the *fresh, organically grown* veggies! Green beans, broccoli flowers (yes, you read that right! they totally tasted like broccoli-very misleading!), carrots, snap peas, green onions (I bit right into the bulb of the onion!), and of course strawberries!

Little C trying green beans 

Little C chomping on a carrot! Is it just me or does he look really big for 10 months! What happened to my baby?  

For the conclusion, all the kids and parents got to pick their own strawberries and fill up baskets to take home.

 Hey mom, "I can cruise all along these strawberry fields!"
Look at me mom, "I'm picking strawberries!"

*No children were harmed during this process. No worries my under one year old son did not consume any strawberry products.* 

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