Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Target Tuesday

This Target Tuesday, I'm focusing on clothes! 
Clothes for Little C that is. 
Tara over at fabulous, but evil hosts a fun link up party where you just blog about anything you are wanting from Target at that moment. Who doesn't love Targay? <-- get that? :-) They have everything under the sun and there stuff is totally affordable and cute. win win.

On Sunday when I came back from Palm Springs, techie husband tells me that Little C needed new clothes because he has outgrown almost everything. I didn't turn down an opportunity to go shopping! Since, Little C has also started cruising so shoes were also on the list. 
some cute plaid boat shoes
 I love outfits at a good price. And again, couldn't resist the plaid shorts.

Love these footie pajamas! Little C already has a pair like this from his grandma beach, but he is quickly outgrowing them. I also like how this is the summer version.

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tara said...

Omg those plaid boat shoes are so adorable!

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