Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday

Another Wednesday and another edition of what I wore
the pleated poppy blog 
I am so loving Wednesday now. 
A big thank you to techie husband and other friends who are indulging me by taking my picture. 
There were a few weeks where I tried taking my own picture usually cropping off my head or having a big flash. I am a total photographer amateur

Techie husband and I got all dressed up to go on a date! Yeah!!
But, so goes the life with a baby toddler and the date did not happen. :( 
Little C got a fever so instead... being the total paranoid mom that I am, decided to take him to see the doctor. 
He wasn't diagnosed with anything which was a relief and we had a great family night in and it was perfect. 
That's Hunnel Happenings.

Shimmering in gold this week
Top: Ann Taylor Loft
Jeans: Victoria Secret
Shoes: Victoria Secret 

The top has sparkles and gold scallop lacing on the bottom- so pretty! 

Do you have a date night attire you prefer? 


Meagan at Fairly Fabulous Blog dot com said...

ooo- LOVE the shoes, lady. NICE! and I totally feel your pain in the toddler dept. Those little sweet things really do change life! ;)

Amber said...

Nice shoes honey, shame about the date but I am sure there will be more. Have a wonderful week. ax

DaenelT said...

Happy the baby wasn't diagnosed with anything but sorry your date night plans had to be scrapped.

That blouse is too cute and those shoes? Absolutely fabulous!!! You must post them to my Shoe Style Saturday meme at

Christine - Tutorial Addict lol said...

Awww that stinks that you couldn't go out. Hope he's feeling better! Your outfit was adorable though and OH MY WORD ... those shoes are AWESOME. I love Victoria's shoes ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - those shoes are amazing!:)

Mandy said...

Love those shoes!

Object of Maya*ffection said...

Poor baby! Luckily it was nothing serious. LOVE the wedges!

Stacy said...

That shimmery lacy gold top is nice! I'm following you now, found you on the Pleated Poppy.

Megan said...

Looking good, mama! Love the outfit!

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