Saturday, June 18, 2011

In my absence...

I missed my blog and missed fellow bloggers. I have had bloggers block for the past, oh, 18 days. I haven't been up to anything fantastic or crazy during this break. I've just been caught up in every day life. I will confess I have been watching a lot of television shows and sleeping. Like everything, you have to make time for things you want to do and I have been going to bed early, like 9:00 pm early. 

Tonight, I have stayed up to write this blog entry. Do you know how when you're away from something for awhile you don't really know how to go back? This brings me back to my days as a server in college. I worked six days a week sometimes working a "double" (two shifts in one day), but when I went on vacation or just had three days off in a row I would always feel awkward initially my first day back.

If anyone is still reading this blog, I hope you all will forgive this absence and come back to read more. I did get some feedback from family members that they weren't getting enough Little C posts- completely understandable. He's a pretty cute kid in my biased opinion so why wouldn't they want more!

Some upcoming post ideas (I need to get into that pre-written post thing) I'll be working on:
Recap of Sister Glamorous' visit from March
Recap of Sister Outdoorsy's visit 
Little C's upcoming birthday parties (explanation to come for plurality!)
Hiking reviews
More Day at Park posts (we've been going to lots!)
Something I've been working on to be revealed in August! 

Good night blog world! 

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