Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's Officially Summer

Summer Soltice.
Schools are out. (Late here, I know)
June 21.
Whatever you call it, summer starts today officially. For me it arrived with temps of 83 degrees. Not bad after all the June Gloom we've had.
See, I annouced summer on May 1st back when here in Southern California we saw our first day in the 80 degree spectrum.
I even invited you to a summer barbecue. Well, all that was premature because June Gloom hit and it hit hard.
I'm a little on the fence with the summer soltice. I love that it is the longest day of the year(sun light wise)!
I've been loving the sun come up before 6am and set after 8pm.
So why am I on the fence? I'll tell you after today the days start getting shorter.
Not a fan.
But, I'll celebrate today for what it is. Late date night with Techie Husband for dinner and a concert. Love him!
What about you?
Do you like the longer daylight and wish it would last? How did you celebrate this official start of summer?
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Barbara said...

The 21st of June is always the Music Festival in France. Every square inch of every french town has bands and music for everyone to enjoy! It is a great way to kick in the summer!

Patience said...

I celebrated the first day of summer by working :( But love that the it was stil bright when I got off work at 10 :)

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