Friday, June 10, 2011

One Month Until One Year

I am writing this post a little late to commemorate Little C turning 11 months
Seriously, when did it become June 10th! I'm six days behind on this post to be exact. Which means it is more like three weeks not one month until my baby turns one year.

On June 4th Techie Husband and I attended the wedding for Teacher Kindness-
pictures and post coming soon!
And on that day Little C was only one short month away from turning ONE.

These past eleven months have gone by so fast and Little C has grown up so quickly.

Size he is wearing: 12-18 months
Weight: 26 lbs. (according to Wii Fit Baby Stats)
Height: unknown but definitely taller based on reaching higher objects
Milestones: climbs stairs, stands, cruises very quickly! no walking yet, but walks along the wall! gives high fives- cutest thing ever!

In other news: Stanly Cup Finals are going on. Game 5 tonight. I favor the Canucks, but live with some Boston supporters.

We'll see who is victorious. Oh, didn't I mention that Techie Husband is totally a Hockey Husband also? Auntie Outdoorsy even made Little C a LA Kings blanket (Techie Husband's favored team). 

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Anonymous said...

Cute blog, I love the summer design and your pictures, keep it up.
MIL lovestocook

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