Monday, June 20, 2011

Ortega Canyon Hike

If you live in the Southern California area and enjoy hiking you need to check out the unofficial hiker's blog. It's an awesome website for finding good hiking spots. 

Little C loves hikes!!

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned I wanted a hiking backpack to carry Little C in on my Target Tuesday post. My Techie Husband being the amazing guy he is purchased the Kelty backpack for me for Mother's Day and we used it for a hike during our camping trip!

I was of course very excited and we've used it every weekend we could since then. 
(post coming soon about June Gloom)
Cloudy days make for great hiking days because it's just cool enough, rainy days not so much.

We decided to try a trail a little further away from home and a little more intense. We didn't really know how far we would get, but we were willing to check it out. We read the review at So Cal Hiker and were on a mission to see this:

We did not see those falls. That hike proved to be a little out of our league still! But, we're working on it. We completed the San Juan Loop 2.2 hike in Ortega Canyon and saw some beautiful scenery including the San Juan Falls:

More hiking adventures to come! Did you catch the Saturday Snapshot this week of myself and Techie Husband posing before a hike?

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Barbara said...

I used to love hiking and even did until I was around 7 months pregnant! Sadly, I have never taken our little one on hikes, I think you might have inspired me to get out and just do it!

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