Friday, July 8, 2011

Barn Inspired Birthday

Above is the cake and cupcakes for Little C's second first birthday party! Remember when I mentioned he was spoiled and got two parties? Here is a small recap of the second birthday.

The barn was made from red velvet cake by my mom and sisters. Each cupcake featured a different flavor.
Chick: yellow
Lamb: white
Pig: strawberry
Cow: marble

Outdoorsy Sister got the idea from her Home & Garden's subscription. Re-creating edible art for all of us to enjoy!

The best part is the party took place on Nana & Pappy's ranch full of all the animals from horses, chicks, to lambs.

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1 comment:

Ruby Girl said...

oh my goodness, what adorrrable cupcakes. you are such a great mom! <3

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