Friday, July 1, 2011

Farewell June, Hello July!

Have I mentioned I love summer? The longer days, sunny skies, warm temps. And, oh yeah visiting family! After a visit from Sister Glamorous in March followed my a visit from my parents, Outdoorsy Sister came to visit at the end of May and we ran a 5K together. Now it's the Hunnels turn to visit all of them! We also have another 5k on the calendar during our visit.

July also brings Little C's first birthday and it's approaching quickly! We celebrated a little early with family and friends here before our plane ride 1,393 miles away to see family. I'll be writing a post soon about Little C's two birthday parties and all the party planning and prep. For now just a teaser of the party Techie Husband and I hosted for family and friends at a local park.

I'll be blogging every day on my vacay (after my minor blogger block/break) and you can expect lots of beautiful pictures and more hiking posts. I cannot even explain how excited I am! Even though we have visited over the past few months, we have not been back in the summer since 2009. Last year around this time my family was all here expecting the arrival of Little C!

See you tomorrow with a Saturday Snapshot (probably a party pic!). Also, I'll be talking about a local park with some pictures! 

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Barbara said...

What a lucky kid to have 2 birthday parties! I love those pictures!

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