Sunday, July 3, 2011

Labor story

One year ago today...I was in labor. It started around 3 in the afternoon at the pool. Four days past my June 29th due date. My family was getting anxious and would eventually have to get back to their jobs as they were visiting. I joked that i felt i had a contraction. I wasn't sure if i had. I had no idea what one felt like! After the pool we went to In N Out for lunch with a hike planned after. Yes, you read that right i was planning on hiking or brisk walking anyway. That never happened because by now i realized these were for sure contractions. A call to the doctor confirmed and I was told to come in. A couple hours later and midnight came and went. I knew then i would be having a fourth of July baby. Our little firecracker was born at 1:28 in the morning. Everyone came and visited on their way to barbeques- even our doctor! It was an amazing day. More to come tomorrow!
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