Thursday, July 14, 2011

Stowaway from Vacation

Our wonderful July vacation may be over, but the fun continues. We brought a stowaway with us! Sister Bookworm came back with us to experience all of Southern California. One year ago, when Little C was born we made plans for Sister Bookworm to return and we would attend a living art show together.

The picture above is of us in front of the outdoor stage. Sister Bookworm had a great time! We both loved watching people replicate famous art. The actors never move, it's really crazy! I've never been to Buckingham Palace, but I would suspect that it is similar to the guards never flinching. (Or so I've heard!)

Some silly errors were also a series of pictures actually being 10 second videos because I had the camera on the wrong setting! Well, at least we got one great picture.

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