Monday, September 19, 2011

Summer Indulgence

I had many summer indulgences as evidenced by long break from blogging, but one of these wrapped up tonight:  

Now usually I am not a reality tv fan (I know shocker), but really I don't watch reality television. For this show, I made an exception because Hockey Husband and I can watch together. I'm not to keen on the constant yelling or the whining among the contestants, however I realize it's a show providing entertainment so I take it.  
Well, the two hour intense season finale was tonight!! The final four were revealed and the winner was announced. Meaning they would get a Head Chef position and a top notch restaurant and with that a $250,000 salary! (Seriously, win a competition and automatically get a six figure salary-pretty nice!)

Spoiler Alert:

I picked Will and Paul for the final two. (Even though I totally wanted Elise to make it-knew she wouldn't) After that my husband and I both agreed Will for the final win!

We were so WRONG!

The winner of Hell's Kitchen (not really in love with the title) was: PAUL!

All and all pretty fun summer show. Congrats to Paul and his new job! I look forward to tuning in next season. I've yet to attempt a beef wellington, but it's on my to do list! 
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Little C is growing up

After weeks turning into months of being away from the blogging world... I want back in. Awhile back Sister Outdoorsy called me out on my lack of blog posts. But, a recent trip to the grandparent's house really put things into perspective for me.

I realized people were reading my blog and they enjoyed reading it. More so, I realized I started this blog to keep family updated on "Hunnel Happenings" and to watch Little C grow up if they can't be near every day.
{swimming in Grandpa's pool!}
Great Grandpa H asked me what happened to that page thing I had. At first I was confused, but realized he was talking about my blog! Hello to Great Grandpa H who celebrated his 82nd birthday in December and his 60th wedding anniversary this past month! Amazing! Even more amazing...he's asking me for more posts.

Great Hunnel Men
Thanksgiving 2010

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