Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A little secret about me...

Here's a little piece of information about me that you may not know. Maybe a little secret, maybe not. I love a lot of things, but included in that is school/office supplies. I seriously love going to Staples and will ALWAYS go through the stationary aisle when I go grocery shopping even if I don't need anything.

My love of school supplies is probably a very important factor on why I became a teacher. I LOVE back to school shopping. With that love comes my love for all things stationary. I love planners, calendars, note cards, you name it I love it. The only thing I love more than those precious goodies is PERSONALIZED items. Since I was kid I love to have my name on everything!! Not exactly easy when you have a unique name like I do. I could never find my name on key chains, pencils, or miniature license plate frames. 

I remember once when I went to a birthday party when I was seven. The goodie bag was filled with personalized items- all the kids got their names on all the stuff except for me. {I was one sad seven year old, a little petty looking back, but hey I was seven} This was back when you couldn't easily purchase personalized items. Now it seems like you can get everything personalized and I love it.

So, where am I going with all this?

Well, Erin Condren is a little site that sells everything I love in so many cute colors and it's personalized!! Seriously, I'm in love. Luckily, for me her stuff wasn't around when I was in college. (as a sorority girl I would have gone broke buying everything greek she created!) Had I known about this website even five years ago I may have bought out the place for their personalized teacher's planners! LOVE. Erin really has thought of everything from calling cards for the business professional to the mom looking for play dates, note cards, planners, and perfect for me: a growth chart! I've been looking into where I can buy a personalized permanent growth chart (you know something to save besides having to cut out some drywall!)

I'm linking up with Sarah at Yes, Teacher for her Tickle me Tuesday. If you're not visiting from Tickle me Tuesday- you should totally check out Sarah's shop- awesome stationary products there too! Right now a few of these products have caught my fancy! Oh, and you should totally go enter the giveaway for a gift card to Erin's store. I did. Links below!




Barbara said...

I used to love my personalized items too when I was younger! I still have a box of stationary that my parents gave me when I graduated high school, the only problem - I don't write letters anymore. So sad.

Patience said...

I love back to school shopping and all that that implies too! And I am really getting into the stamping and scrapbooking :D I can make all my own personalized items now

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