Friday, October 14, 2011

Televsion Programming

I've never really revealed my addiction to television before. Well, I am. 

One new fall show I am loving is Hart of Dixie on the CW. I also bring up this show that airs on Monday nights is because the preview for next week was showing a heat wave in Bluebell, Alabama (fictional town where the show takes place). I was disappointed in the fact that I wouldn't get to see some cute fall outfits, but I have other shows for that. One night after I saw this preview my little place in the world was stricken with a heat wave. Raining one day 90 degree heat the next. My opinions on the heat wave I experienced are found here

I actually try to avoid tv most of the time and not because I think I should be doing other things with my time. No, it's because too many networks cancel a show after 6 episodes. Is it just me or would most people appreciate if the networks could film some alternate scenes so perhaps if a show is canceled viewers get closure.

Really like tv and want to read more about shows...go here!

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Patience said...

Oh I love Hart of Dixie too! But because I watch online I did not see that little preview... interesting. Well the south I think is more known for their humid ends to summer.

Barbara said...

I haven't seen this show yet! I usually wait a season before getting into a show so at least if it gets canceled I won't be totally heartbroken.

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