Sunday, October 9, 2011

Those Parents

Not sure when it happened, but hockey husband and I became "those parents". No, not the parents that turn into your own parents (although I'm sure that day is coming). 

What I'm talking about here is an out of control toddler. Okay, so he's not really out of control. But, the venue was church and for a 15 month old it can be hard to not be out of control. Why, are we "those parents"? Well, back when Little C was just a adorable little infant he would sleep right through church (ahh, those were the days). We would see the kids who would run around or scream and be like okay we'll never let that happen to us. Ugh, I need to bite my tongue on that one. If only, I would have known my day would come too. 

Our church has three areas (really two, but stay with me) there's inside the actual building, just outside with chairs and cover (mainly used for overflow), and the courtyard area. We've always strolled right up to the overflow area and let Little C sleep. As he got older he wouldn't stay in the stroller, so we would take him out but he was still great. Quite the champ really. We decided to mosey on into the actual building last Sunday- DISASTER

looks innocent enough

One could not have predicted how badly it would go. Little C wanted nothing to do with all the quiet toys we brought for him, thus we retreated to the overflow area. Oh, but it doesn't end there...we were banished even further when Little C started screaming because he didn't like that area either. So there we were with a toddler running around in the courtyard with people saying how cute he was. (While I just dropped my head in embarrassment)

All the while I had new found sympathy for what I once referred to as "those parents". I also developed a new found longing for the "other parents". You know, the ones with quiet and still children. It's okay though because I love my adventurous and sometimes rowdy toddler. We tried again today and it was another battle lost, but I'm adapting to my situation and will persevere. 

Really, though if you have tips, please share!

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Barbara said...

I feel you. We don't do church anymore because it was just too much. We might try again when the tantrums are few and far between.

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