Monday, November 28, 2011

A is for Advent Calendar

Today is the first day of my ABC Holidays Series. So, you haven't missed much! Stay tuned for more.

Advent calendars come in many shapes and sizes and contain special messages or treats! 

The basic idea is that they count down 'til Christmas. I know I am so excited for Christmas and the idea of counting down sounds absolutely perfect.
I love the personal pictures on this one!

Generally the calendars coincide with the month of December and not the actual Advent calendar of western churches. 
(ya know, just in case you were wondering!)

There are gazillions of awesome advent calendar ideas out in the blogosphere. I've put a few here that I really liked and some I actually think I could possible make. I found an awesome one on Little Miss Momma's blog that uses a silhouette {a silhouette I don't have} 
Some awesome Advent calendars found here
Now, I just have to think of some fun activities suitable for a 17 month old. Yep, that's right Little C 
(ya know, that cute guy up in the header, it's an old pic) will be 17 months in six days!! Does anyone have any ideas for me? Are you a mama or a teacher? What are you putting in your?
Advent came early this year, usually falling between November 27 and December 3, a time of expecting and waiting. In addition to an Advent calendar, I like to have an Advent wreath. You light one candle each week of Advent.  
Oh, and because I gave you a Christmas picture yesterday...I thought I would throw in some old and new Christmas pictures. 

Little C and my Bookworm Sister circa 2010

Mingle 240


Barbara said...

I love advent calendars! We are doing ours with chocolate and toys this year, which make me excited!

Kathy S said...

I miss having those calendars for Christmas!

Patience said...

I love the idea of making your own advent calendar. Remember when we would make those chain countdowns out of construction paper :)

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