Saturday, November 26, 2011

my new ipod touch

My fabulous guy, Hockey Husband, gave me a new ipod touch for my birthday!
*It was last Saturday* 
Now, I will say I am a loyal Droid user, but I am in love with my new ipod! 

I mean, I really love it! It's so slim and the screen is so sharp. Love. And, it has a camera so I can do instagram and upload to facebook and twitter. yeah! Also, it has facetime so I can video chat and I also downloaded tango.
oh, and did I mention the cute cases I get to choose from!? there are seriously a gazillion. 

tree case found here
not sure if an Erin Condren case would fit since they're meant for the iphone, but they sure are cute!

loving this burton case

then there is always the Christmas route...but that will be pretty short lived, hmm.

And, I can finally get apps during free app friday, because usually they don't apply to the droid. 

So, help me out bloggy friends! What case should I get or do you know of any awesome apps you recommend?


blackheartbetty said...

Those are cute cases! Someone stole my Ipod Touch =(. This post makes me miss it.

Kathy S said...

Happy Birthday :)

Patience said...

And that made me want an iPod touch too. :) I love the tree case, looks like your business logo. You should get the Psych case :D

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