Friday, November 25, 2011

New blog layout!

I've done it again...changed my blog design! This time for a classic Christmas look using the same winter picture of Little C that I used last year.

I cannot contain my excitement for Christmas this year! How fitting that Thanksgiving comes the day before the one month marker! That's right folks, only one short month until Christmas.
I'm excited to decorate my house, to put up our tree, to get a visit from good 'ole St. Nick, celebrating the season through Little C's eyes! We just returned from our wonderful Thanksgiving vacation so look for pictures soon. Also, after some rest I can take out all my Christmas decorations! 


Kathy S said...

I love it!

Patience said...

The reindeer ornament is adorable! You should make them in your preschool. I think you need an updated photo of Little C though!

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