Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Christmas Spirit, Part I

Christmas Weekend was a total whirlwind and so amazing.  Instead of telling you everything I received this holiday season, I wanted to share my favorite gifts I gave. 

This season really is about giving and it's true what they say giving is better than receiving. As I've said a few times before I loved experiencing Little C's first Christmas as a toddler who got excited about gifts. And I loved watching people open the gifts we chose for them. Of course, I loved everything I gave Hockey Husband so I want to share three other gifts and recipients that were really special. 

Remember when I mentioned I had to have a few magical pieces from this shop?
I absolutely loved picking out one of her beautiful sterling silver custom stamped necklaces for Sister Nicknames. The necklace was stamped with the names of my two favorite nephews and my favorite, adorable niece {SN's beautiful children}. As one of my favorite people her gift was a really important one. 
This is a picture of the canvas print we chose for my parents. I loved that they put it on their wall right away and loved it. I was so happy that they really liked it. It's a canvas print of the whole family from our July 2011 photo shoot. 

Another favorite gift to give, you know the one where you just love watching the person open hoping they like it as much as you hope they will, was cooking classes for Mama Loves-to-Cook {hockey husband's mom.} Obviously she loves to cook! I've known about a quaint, local cooking school for awhile now just wanting and waiting to give this gift! One of my very first memories from when I began dating Hockey Husband was when his mom took us to a breakfast cooking class and we made eggs benedict from scratch. It was lots of fun and really difficult to make! Lots of laughs were had and memories made. 

But, don't worry I do plan on sharing some of my favorite presents so come back later this week! Also, look for a quick wrap-up of my Holiday ABC Series

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Monica said...

Those are great gifts! My mom is a sap for any kind of family photo gift!

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