Friday, December 2, 2011

Follow me Friday!


Thanks for Joining me today for follow me Friday! Let me tell you a little about me that you may or may not know and if you like what you see why not follow me?!

Some of my favorite things I blog about here at my little corner of BlogLand:
camping, I love to camp but don't go often enough
adventures in cooking, I'm still learning a lot about cooking
my attempts at running ( I actually completed two 5ks, check that off my list)
my favorite topics to chat about besides *incoherent ramblings* are

Let me introduce you...

My baby boy born on the Fourth of July

Hockey Husband and I

Us as a family

What Little C looks like now as a big toddler

If you made it this far, thanks for reading! Come follow me so you'll never miss out on any of my charming anecdotes as a young mom, proud wife, and suburban gal living life with a country heart. 


Anonymous said...

A fourth of July baby! He's going to love his birthday and think those fireworks are just for him. :-) What a cutie.

Jenny said...

He is such a cutie!! My mom had my sister on July 6 and I remember her saying how much she wanted a July 4th baby! There will always be fireworks on his birthday. Thank you for linking up :)

Holly said...

Cute photos, especially your son as a baby! :)

Just dropping by from #FF.

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