Thursday, December 15, 2011

G is for Greetings

It's that time of year again...
When people send out holiday cards, some are Christmas cards, some happy holidays, and lately I've been getting New Year's cards. 

The New Year card for me is new, but I like it. It wraps the previous year in a nice little message. 

Do you send any type of card out?
Do you receive cards?
Do you use them in your decorations at all?

Personally, I love to use my cards as part of my decorations. I even keep cards from past years.
So, if you sent me a card be assured I'm using it somehow! 

Are you a "card on the mantle" decorator? Or, "tape it to the window" type of person? Then, there is my favorite the "card garland" that hangs around the room. I've yet to do that one, I've been the "tape it to the window" person for a few years now. 

I love sending cards and receiving them. We didn't send our first card until 2009 when we were officially a family as a married couple. This will be out third year, yeah!
See, "tape it on the window"


Barbara said...

Getting Christmas cards is one of my favorite things!! I love displaying them every year!

Monica said...

I love getting Christmas cards too! I don't get many at home but for work I love to put them up on the desk :)

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