Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011

We bought our first home! It would be awhile before we moved in, but we were officially on the road to home ownership.  Little C started on solids and turned 6 months. His first food was mashed sweet potatoes mama made for him.

We watched these two special people tie the knot!
Nurse SC & Cousin Soccer

Hockey Husband and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary at Disneyland!  Sister Glamorous visited, we held our house warming party.  Then my parents came for a visit too. March was busy and the best! We also celebrated a train of birthdays this month.

Little C’s first Easter! Grandma Owl hosted a full day of Easter fun and Little C gave egg hunting a chance.  I gave blogging another try this month also. I guess it’s going well?!

I celebrated my first Mother’s Day. We went on our first family camping trip and thanks to my Mother’s Day gift- Kelty Child Carrier it was also our first of many hiking trips.

Sister Outdoors came for a visit and she, Nurse SC , and I ran a Memorial Day 5K. It was a first for Nurse SC and me! Outdoorsy Sister was already accustomed to the racing circuit, running her first two weeks prior. And,  I spent a weekend in Palm Springs for Teacher Kindness’s Bachelorette Weekend!

I had the honor of watching Teacher Kindness marry her Prince Charming while standing by her side. I had tears, maybe.  Our first family trip to Disneyland {Little C and I had gone tons so far without Daddy} with our awesome annual passes courtesy of Grandma Loves-to-Cook&Grandpa Baseball for Christmas 2010.
Little C celebrated his first birthday! It was our first trip of the year to visit my family after most of them had come to see us.  Then, Sister Bookworm decided to come back with us to hang out and see the new house!

I took a huge break from blogging while I enjoyed every drop of summer.  A day at the races with Nurse SC, Nicknames, & Loves-to-Cook.  A trip to the circus with Little C, J, Dirtbikes, Lulu, and Sister Nicknames courtesy of Grandpa Racecars and Grandma Leanne.  Fun times at Grandma Loves-to-Cook and Grandpa Baseball’s beach house! Lunch with Teacher Kindness and Miss Med Student since Med Student was taking a break from Med School and visiting the west coast!
Lots of Camping and Hiking Trips, hours spent down at the beach and at Disneyland as a family! It was a summer of memories.

We officially said good bye to summer with one last week at Grandma Loves-to-Cook and Grandpa Baseball’s beach house.  I said goodbye to Miss Cool & Collected as she was beginning to embark on a new chapter of her life with marriage and a new town.  I spent four solid days loving Sorority Recruitment where I said goodbye to being the Recruitment Advisor.
{in my head, officially the title was given up in April}
Looking back…September was all about the Goodbye.

The month started as Mrs. Organized and I journeyed to Las Vegas with our husbands to watch our friend, Miss Cool & Collected become Mrs. Cool & Collected. She married her Mr. Revell and moved far away from us. Not cool! It’s okay, I’m planning a visit. {just haven't told her yet! Reading the blog Mrs. C&C? I want to visit, k?} The rest of the month was filled with costumes and pumpkins. Lots of pumpkins so much that Little C even dressed as one and Hockey Husband and I decided to be Pumpkin Farmers.

I celebrated my birthday! Visited family up north. Celebrated Thanksgiving.
Didn't take a lot of pictures.

Ladies Tea
Blogged a lot
Visited SLO for Sister Foodie's Graduation

Experienced 75* weather for the whole month
Horse Races


Casey said...

You guys have had one heck of a year! I am so glad we have been able to get so close during 2011 - cheers to more of that in 2012! :)

SimplyTatumAdelaid said...

What an amazing and blessed year!!! Can't wait to see what is waiting for you this year. Thank you so much for sharing. We will def need to plan a camping trip in the Spring :)

Barbara said...

What a great recap. I hope you have a 2012 that is amazing as your 2011

Anonymous said...

Whew! The year flew by! I am so grateful I get to peek into your life through your blog. Thank you for sharing your beautiful young family! Love, Pye

Anonymous said...

I'm reading! Yes, come visit! :) Xoxo!

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