Friday, December 9, 2011

.:Holiday Blog Challenge:. New Year's Eve

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

It's the last day of the Holiday Blog Challenge, but it's not too late to go link up! Get over there and join the fun!
Thank you to Neely and Amber for hosting an awesome challenge that was perfect for giving me blog ideas when I was low on them. 
Today's challenge topic is to share memories and pictures from New Year's Eves.

My favorites have been with Hockey Husband, because we always saw each other and never had to share this night with anyone. We never went to parties or celebrations to ring in the new year.
*Maybe we'll change that one day* 
But, I have loved it being just the two of us. I almost feel like I'm breaching some secret trust by sharing our traditions albeit incredibly corny as they are. 

Starts around 11:45 pm on December 31st when we turn on the recorded broadcast of the ball drop, ya know because we're three hours behind the fun!

Then we break out the bubbly in really fun glasses! 

Or, sometimes Sparkling Cider, because *gasp* this girlie doesn't really like champagne.
I know, I know don't hurt me. 

Not sure when we started this, but we always have raspberry sorbet
*secrets just revealed*

Our kiss at the stroke of midnight to bring in the year and that's it! 
simple and romantic in our own way just the way I love us


Julia Miller said...

I don't really like champagne either. Thanks for stopping by my blog. ;)

The Bases said...

I LOVE CHAMPAGNE!! :) That is sweet yall spend it just the two of you.

Monica said...

Thats so sweet! I am not a big fan of champagne either, gives me a headache every time!

Barbara said...

That is so sweet. We love champagne, but then again we live in France.

Pamela said...

Aww too sweet!

Breanna said...

so cute :)

Laura said...

Jeff and I don't like champagne much either. We rang in the New Year last year with rum drinks! :-)

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