Thursday, December 29, 2011

P is for Presents...Part Deux of Christmas 2011

Earlier this week I shared how giving is better than receiving...
but I promised I would also share some of the majorly {pronounced may-jore-lee} superb gifts I received!
Well, my fantastic hockey husband who always spoils me surprised me with:

That's right! I am the proud new owner of a DSLR. And it came it with all the accessories like a case, tripod, an "how to" book, and oh so much more! The best part, I opened it and said "this is exactly the one I wanted!" Hockey Husband was confused...I said "duh, on my blog". To which he admitted he didn't read and hasn't in some time.
{Kind of makes it that much more awesome since I never told him I wanted one}
[but, um why Hockey Husband aren't you reading]

Hockey Husband also gave me a new pair of Nike's-yeah!
This Christmas I received two out five on my wish list! Not bad considering it was a total wish list.

Lots of other special and fantastic gifts from
my mama and daddy 
Sister Outdoors
Sister Glamorous
Sister Bookworm
Nurse SC and Cousin Soccer- can't beat free babysitting certificates!
and magazine subscriptions on hiking, comfy Victoria Secret PJs, tickets to the zoo, and so much more! 

One really thoughtful gift though.
One that I opened and felt so thought of was an ornament.
Not just any ornament. 
We bought our first home this year and I kept meaning to purchase an ornament to represent that, but in the end just forgot.

So imagine my elation when Christmas morning rolled around and I opened a Lenox bless your first home 2011 ornament. A very special and thoughtful gift from Aunt Theater and Uncle Vintner. 

If you really like wine...You can read all about their adventures in making their own award-winning wine here

I didn't forget Hockey Husband he was spoiled with that awesome ipad2 he wanted and I mentioned in the wish list entry! The one with all the bells and whistles, lots of memory, app store gift cards and accessories too!
Yee, so happy for him!! He was pretty stoked when he opened it up at Christmas Brunch with his parents.

Thank you everyone for a truly magical Christmas!
I'm still wrapping up my holiday ABC series and come back for part III of Christmas- why holidays are thought of as stressful. A look into our five Christmases weekend long celebration. 

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