Friday, December 30, 2011

Part III Chritsmas Weekend

Our Christmas Weekend kicked off Friday on Christmas Eve eve
It was the first of five celebrations! 

Feliz Navidad, a Mexican buffet hosted by Uncle Mountain Biker and Aunt RockClimber
Where I got to visit with these cousins:
{The older three of the bunch}
Me, Cousin Charming, Cousin Green Thumb
Cousin Future Firefighter, Cousin Baseball Star, Cousin Fashion, and Cousin Interior Decorator not pictured. And all the parents and more friends!

It was great to catch up since we don't see each other all that often. 
And our boys got to catch up too:
Little C, Cousin Iron Man, and Cousin Skater
Christmas Eve came
and we were off to Grandpa Racecar and Grandma Crafty's house

Great Grandpa Twitcher, Great Grandma Magic, and Uncle Fisherman 
made gingerbread men with Little C, Cousin Dirtbikes, and Cousin Lulu
{typical only the girls look at the camera!}
Little C rocked his "Little Mr" shirt from Fairly Fabulous two days in a row!

Our family picture in front of the tree
On to Christmas Morning
{still with me?}

The fun began early in the morning when we broke out the video camera to capture Little C's first Christmas in our new home!!
[breakfast while we unwrapped]
Next up was Christmas brunch at
Grandma Loves-to-Cook & Grandpa Baseball's house
Lots of presents and a big brunch with Grandpa Baseball's famous biscuits and gravy. 

Straight away to Grandma Owl and Grandpa Golf's Château for Christmas dinner

Little C and Cousin Lulu

Our family <3

The entire weekend was jam packed with family, fun, and food. 
It was also just a tad stressful...

That's right, I said it. And you know it's okay to admit.
This was our first year of having to drive to multiple Christmases with child in tow.
Definitely a blessing for sure, there is no denying that. We are fortunate to have lots of people to celebrate the season with. Last year, we did Christmas with my parents and sisters for Little C's first Christmas.
We woke up in their house and stayed there all day.
No traveling and Little C wasn't on solids yet- so the day was pretty easy. 

This year we had a very active and mobile toddler on our hands who needs food not just milk.
{What kids grow up and want food- how dare they? Right?}
If you followed all that above we're talking two late nights of missed bedtimes.
Roll into Christmas and the day started early and was jam packed leaving no time for a nap!
[we tried Little C wasn't having it]
So the day wasn't all easy- everybody was a little tired and a little hungry. 
There were tears and they weren't all the toddlers.
It's okay to take a deep breath and realize that it was a long weekend and they don't call the holidays stressful for nothing. 


SimplyTatumAdelaid said...

You have such a warm and welcoming family! I love how everyone has such cool nicknames. And Colin, of coarse, is so stinking cute. What a great Christmas weekend.

Casey said...

This was so honest, and I'm sure so many people can relate. I'm glad we got to celebrate Christmas with your little man!

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