Thursday, January 12, 2012

Blogger Navigational Bar: How to

This is a how to post, but let me preface with I am no html genius. I just played around a bit and figured a few things out.
Also, Google is my best friend
What worked for me may not work for you.
All that said let's begin:
How to create pages otherwise known as a navigational bar and tabs. 
Come back in a few days when I show you how to center your newly created navigation bar. 
Kind of a big deal if you're crazy like me.

Let's start in the Blogger Dashboard. You'll notice all my screen shots show the new interface. I highly recommend it! I love the new interface for blogger I feel like it's more organized, streamlined, and cleaner. *note Google this does not excuse you for the new gmail interface which is none of those things*

In the new interface you can go to "Pages" under "Posts" and above "Comments"
click images to enlarge

If you don't choose transparent your navigation bar will look like this:

If you don't want bars in between and a colored background choose transparent. 

There you go! Did you find this helpful? Do you have any blogger tips or tricks for me?

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