Friday, January 20, 2012

Leaky Pipes, part one

Oh plumbing woes. 
Last Sunday, we discovered a leak in our garage. 
In retrospect, we missed all the warning signs.
{yep, first time home owners right here}

Monday morning a plumber comes out. 
Post tension slab leak.
Tuesday, another plumber. 
Post tension slab leak, but in a lot more places. 

For those who don't speak plumber "post tension slab leak" means very bad with a hint of expensive. 
We discovered that it was just the hot water. We were able to turn just the hot water off so we weren't completely without water. 

I bet you're starting to wonder just how many days we had no hot water. 
Five days.
Monday morning until Friday afternoon.
Okay, before you start thinking, we were really stinky people without showering,
keep reading...
Because, it was just the hot water leak, we turned the hot water on briefly to shower. 
This meant no luxurious thirty-minute hot shower. 
Okay, who I am kidding I haven't taken a shower that long since Little C was born. 
Maybe on some Saturdays, maybe.

No laundry for five days. No dishwasher. 
I washed dishes by boiling a pot of water first. 
old school right there. 

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow. 
I'll talk about picking a plumber and might even have a recommendation for you!


Miranda said...

ugh that sucks! becoming a homeowner is awesome but you don't realize all the things you have to take care off when they break. i used to loooove long showers...then the little one comes along and its a long shower if it lasts longer than 7 minutes.

i can't imagine living without hot water...think back to what people used to have to do to get hot water at all. we are so lucky.

SimplyTatumAdelaid said...

Oh no!!! I am sorry I hope it gets figured out soon. You are the second friend that's had this problem in the past two weeks. For a second I feel happy about renting, but then I realize I rather deal with these problems and own my own home. If you need help with anything let me know! Sorry lady.

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