Monday, January 23, 2012

Leaky Pipes, part two

On Friday, I began the story of my first adventure in being a homeowner.
A plumbing problem.

Let me continue,
To recap we went without hot water for five whole days.
{we turned it on briefly to shower}
I boiled water to do dishes.
I was unable to do laundry, so that wasn't too bad.
{until the weekend hit and I could do laundry that is}

We were lucky and the leak was contained between the hot water service pipe and our washing machine.

I mentioned two plumbers on Friday. We received a second opinion and I was glad we had two opinions, but went with the first.
Just felt more comfortable with the first and that's important when someone will be working in your house. 

Now for the work...our floors did not have to be pulled and there was no damage.
Again, lucky!

Our walls did have to be torn a part. The whole ordeal took three days and was all patched up and ready to go by Friday!

Now, I'm thinking maybe time to paint the laundry room.

Some fun refreshing color! Any recommendations?

I'm joining the parties at Miscellany Monday and Mingle Monday
Come join the fun.


Barbara said...

There is no better time than now since you know you won't have to break through the walls again!

Jenna said...

I think the yellow is pretty! Something light but with a little bit of color!

Monica said...

I love that green!

Casey said...

Love that green laundry room!

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